Get Your Hydraulic Cylinders Professionally Repaired

Come to us for hydraulic cylinder repairs in Wyoming, Grandville, Kentwood & Walker, MI

If your hydraulic cylinder has become damaged or dysfunctional, you'll need hydraulic cylinder repairs from a skilled professional. That's where Rightman Hydraulics comes in. We're Wyoming, Grandville & Kentwood, MI's home for high-quality hydraulic repair services.

Whether you need a seal fixed or an overloaded cylinder repaired, we'll make sure your cylinders are in great condition by the time we're done with them. Call 616-292-4129 today to learn more about our hydraulic repair work.

Learn about the risks of faulty cylinders

You should never wait to get hydraulic repairs. Waiting too long can present a variety of problems.

Did you know:

  • A cylinder with leaking seals can often introduce contaminants into the system affecting other major components
  • Catching and repairing a cylinder early can save you thousands in future repairs
  • If a cylinder fails to hold position "drifts" you run the risk of a catastrophic failure where someone may be injured or worse
  • OEM seals and rods my be upgraded to improve the longevity of your cylinder